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Education is cognitive . . . Training is behavioral. Education causes understanding . . . Training causes things to get done. Education results in knowledge . . . Training results . . . well, in results!

We can custom design, develop, and deliver training programs for our clients.


With input from the client, we discuss “learning objectives” and time parameters. We can design the training program as a presentation, seminar, workshop, or different combinations of all three teaching methods.


We develop an outline that covers the narrative to be executed, along with notations of any audio/visual and computer images or video segments.


Depending on the program, we can deliver a session live or on video for the client, team-teach with a client, or work through practice sessions with the client to deliver the program themselves.

Case Study

Client: The Fun Dept

Objective: Deliver public training for companies looking to implement their own internal Fun Dept that results in those companies being licensed by The Fun Dept to do so.

Working with the President / CEO of The Fun Dept who supplied the content, the learning objectives were determined and the time-frame established as 1 day.

Over the course of weekly 4 hour meetings, for 8 weeks, together we built the workshop outline. The first 4 weeks yielded a rough outline; the second 4 weeks added written material (info & work sheets), music, and computer slides. The support materials were developed by the client.

Following the 8-week / 32 hour design and development process, 2 rehearsals were held at their office and at the actual training venue.

I team-taught the 1-day workshop with the Founder and President to an audience they selected. Video was recorded for objective internal critique, post-workshop. They now have a workshop that they can deliver themselves in one of 4 modules or in its entirety—whatever supports their business objectives.

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