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Dedicated to Success

Bob Silzle (sills-lee), the President/CEO of Franchise Success is passionate about helping business owners, franchisors, and franchisees grow and scale their businesses using proven methods and techniques which he has learned firsthand throughout his career.

Bob started his career in sales, and he worked his way up the corporate ladder. It wasn’t on a dare that Bob was given the responsibility of running and operating 29 Five Guys Burgers and Fries locations in the greater Philadelphia Tri-State area. He worked hard, pushed boundaries, and earned his stripes along the way.

In somewhat legendary fashion, Bob first turned heads at the McDonald’s corporate office while he was only an Assistant Manager by moving into the basement of a Philadelphia location at which he worked. The store needed to be turned around, and Bob was committed to going the extra mile until the job was done. Bob led by example and not only turned around that McDonald’s, but helped develop and lead the entire corporation. He accomplished this by becoming the Philadelphia region’s first regional training manager, then Director of Worldwide Training.

Subsequent to his career as a leader in the field of corporate training, Bob ran 43 McDonald’s locations in the DC Metro market and became a multi-unit owner operator himself in the Philadelphia tristate region.

To say that Bob Silzle is an asset to your business and your team is an understatement. Reach out now and learn how Bob can help you.

Bob’s Story

  • Out of college, Bob started his career in sales for A-M Corporation.
  • He then became a manager trainee for McDonald’s.
  • Bob held two assistant manager positions before becoming a store manager.
  • He attended Hamburger University for two weeks and was asked to meet with Fred Turner, former CEO of McDonald’s.
  • Bob achieved further recognition by becoming a President’s Award winner – one of the top 1% employees in the McDonald’s corporation.
  • Bob was then appointed as the Philadelphia region’s first regional training manager.
  • Bob arrived at McDonald’s headquarters in 1978 as the director of worldwide training, and he remained at the headquarters until 1983.
  • After his tenure at the headquarters, Bob was sent back into the field to run 43 McDonald’s locations in the DC Metro Area.
  • Bob seamlessly continued into his second career as a multi-unit owner operator in the Philadelphia market.
  • After a long and successful career at McDonald’s, Bob left the company to become chief operating officer of 29 Philadelphia-area Five Guys Burgers & Fries franchise locations.
  • In January 2014, Bob launched Franchise Success, Inc.
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